Some great places around the internet

As we have been creating content we’ve found some epic places to publish them.  Check out the following places:

The AWS technology is implemented at server farms throughout the world, and maintained by the Amazon subsidiary. Fees are based on a combination of usage (known as a “Pay-as-you-go” model), hardware, operating system, software, or networking features chosen by the subscriber required and service options. Subscribers can pay for a single virtual AWS computer, a dedicated physical computer, or clusters of either. As part of the subscription agreement, Amazon provides security for subscribers’ systems. AWS operates from many global geographical regions including 6 in North America.

The service combines the performance and scalability of Google’s cloud with advanced security and sharing capabilities. It is an Infrastructure as a Service , comparable to Amazon online storage service. Contrary to and according to different service specifications, Google Cloud Storage appears to be more suitable for enterprises.

Anyway we really like these places, we hope you do too.

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